More from the Scarlet Furies

Four more songs from the Scarlet Furies' live performance at The Hobby Shop!

"If I Had My Way"

"House of the Rising Sun"

"All or Nothing"

"Better off Dead"

USA Today editing work

For the last few months, I've been editing short video stories for USA Today's Talking Tech blog. Check it out:

Getaround, a San Fransisco-based peer-to-peer car sharing network.

James Cameron chats about the future of 3D in the home

What people were hoping for in the iPhone 4s

Celebrity impersonators on the walk of fame confess their Facebook addictions.

Editing aplenty!

Last week I had the privilege to edit two songs from The Scarlet Furies' live set at The Hobby Shop Recording Studios!  "Safe in Arms" and "Bluegrass Hamlet" will appear on the band's upcoming live album, Bury Me in Symmetry.


Tales from CandyWarehouse: The Urine Test

It's here!  Yes, this long-awaited show has arrived, written, directed, and edited by yours truly!  You can find it on or in glorious 720p at YouTube (which is embedded here, for your convenience!  A dedicated show page on is on the way, as well as a fan page on Facebook! Stay tuned!

You're Covered!

I'm kicking off the brand spankin' new (and horribly belated) Film and Video section of this site with a video I shot back in 2009 as part of my Advanced Cinematography class. Conceived and directed by Aaron Williams, this was intended to be a spec commercial for Traveler's Insurance. Shot sideways on the Red One for a vertical aspect ratio in 120 frames per second at 2k resolution, this is still my favorite thing I've shot and is a testament to the viability of vertical internet video. I hope you enjoy!*

*Side note on the embedded video: It looks great when you switch the Youtube player to display at 720p, but it may be a bit choppy if your connection isn't up to snuff.